Vacation & Holiday private home accommodation, lodging and property rentals in Praia da Luz, Lagos and Burgau in Algarve south Portugal. Apartments | Cottages | Luxury Villas | Townhouses | Villas for rent.

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Our goal is to offer you with the widest possible choice of private accommodation, lodging and rentals, with the best deals and discount rates for your business travel or for your next perfect vacations at the charming and cosy village of Praia da Luz.



Since our family comes from Praia da Luz and given that we are the proud owners of a rental property in a village we deeply cherish and know, we've decided to create a site about accommodation arrangements that would make it easier for all those whishing to come and stay at our beautiful seaside destination.

Our goal is to continuously develop site, in order to facilitate access and offer our customers the best possible choice of quality accommodation in line with their interests and preferences.

We will make sure to keep our customers up to date on rental prices, efficient and friendly services, and on the quality of properties for rent.

By providing expertise, knowledge, promptness and respect to everyone who comes to, we believe we can make a difference. Our all around trustworthy services have kept our customers happy to use our site and services over and over again.

We offer a website easy to navigate and with information a traveler may need to make good lodging decisions. We welcome all feedback about our website and/or services, and will consider all complaints and suggestions as a new opportunity for improvement. is the fastest growing vacation rental property website on the market for Praia da Luz. is operated in association with, on behalf of, and for property owners, who are located in and around Praia da Luz area. We have been providing online reservation services since 2007., through this association, is able to meet the accommodation needs of traveler's at the most competitive rates and the highest ethical standards. customer service is supported by our service centre with multi lingual staff and 24/7 coverage.

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